How much are starting lineup figures worth


Find product details, values and photos for Starting Lineup Action Figures on the DASH Action Figures Catalog. Find Values for your Kenner Starting Lineup Figures. Shop huge inventory of Starting Lineup, Starting Lineup, Starting Lineup Lot and more in Sports Action Figures on eBay. Find great deals and get Someone put a hang tab on the back so that's why price is really good. Good color.

Results 1 - 48 of Starting LineUp Football Stand - 5 Figures -Taylor/Deion Kareem Abdul-Jabbar , Major Johnson, James Worthy and Michael Cooper. Here's our current pricing for unopened SLU's released by Kenner from The mint prices are usually for AFA 90 and better. FIGURES. All values listed are for Mint figures still in the packaging. The package must Kerry Wood (gray jersey).. BLC Chase. Figures. Barry Bonds James Worthy (yellow jersey) (purple jersey).

Resale Options: Given the astronomical prices that Contri turned . Kenner Starting Lineup Utah Jazz Figures (Loose or Mint in Box). For many, Starting Lineup figures were the bridge between sports and G.I. Joe. It might be a stretch to call them action figures seeing as how. Starting Lineup figures caused a stir when they hit store shelves in the Everyone, at least in my youthful social group, had to have as many of . In fact, the Karl Malone is the most valuable Starting Lineup ever made. Starting Lineup figures are making a comeback. These days, many of the figures are virtually worthless: As of this writing, there are no fewer. I own roughly Kenner Starting Lineup figures, and they are mostly ones that Not too much tint differential between his flesh tone and the uni. . B) THIS FIGURE IS APPARENTLY WORTH ANYWHERE FROM $$

Starting Lineup was big, big business for Kenner (and McInally). from its inception to its demise 13 years later, was worth some $ million. Buy Starting Lineup Michael Jordan Sports Collectible Figure: Action Figures - ✓ FREE Price: $ + $ shipping TeenyMates Collectible NFL Figures Quarterback Collector Gift Set - 14 NFL Quarterbacks. is a website that buys your Starting Lineups toys online. View values & prices we pay. We have over Starting Lineup figures listed. Starting Lineup figures had some mild early success, but by the end of and the emergence of Terrell Davis, starting lineup of figure prices and.

Ken Griffey Jr. Starting Lineup Action Figure. Regular price: $ Sale price: $ Availability: Usually ships in business days. Griffey-SLU. The first Kenner NFL Starting Lineup Figures were released in. Some of the rarest NFL Starting Lineup Football figures quoted in Tuff Stuff magazine are: .. years although the same poses were used and many of the players were available . Facebook account, or anywhere that someone would find this page valuable. Starting Lineup Figures NIP, Gary Payton, Allen Iverson, and Scottie Pippen, 6 Starting Lineup Sports Action Figures Baseball Football. CazBitz 5 out of. Checklist for the Kenner Starting Lineup baseball player figures and baseball cards. Excellent condition Value will vary based on player demand. SLU figure came with a baseball card and had a suggested retail price of $ $